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Hannah Game Lodge is perfectly situated on the doorstep of the Panorama Route. A full day or a half day trip allows you the opportunity of visiting this spectacular and well-known part of South Africa, famous for its scenery and the 3rd largest Canyon in the World, The Blyde River Canyon and its gold rush history of the 1800’s.

The beauty of the Mpumalanga Province, “ the place where the sun rises”, is not easily surpassed, the forces of nature that have crafted this beautiful region, have also taken a bit of time off to allow our guests access to some breathtaking attractions that include incredible wildlife, amazing scenery, awesome mountain landscapes, sweeping rivers, therapeutic waterfalls, misty valleys, adrenalin pumping adventure and interesting historical activities which are all part of an endless experience that we have to offer you at Hannah Game Lodge.

All that this wonderful province has to behold is easily accessible from Hannah Game Lodge as a full day or half day outing.

Add any of these activities to a multiple night stay at Hannah Game Lodge and you have got WOW!

Kapama Cheetah Sanctuary, Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, Elephant Sanctuary, Chimp Eden, Swadini Reptile Park, Sudwala Caves, Echo Caves Nelspruit Botanical Gardens,  Shangana Cultural Village.


Hannah Game lodge have recently added a Spa to the lodge. More information will follow shortly.


Game Drives

Hannah Game Lodge offers morning and afternoon game drives and game walks, lasting from about 1-2 hours each, depending on what you see. Our bush walks and drives are taken by FGASA trained and registered guides.

On the 8000 hectares of reserve, we sometimes see the elusive Leopard, buffalo are almost always seen, and a variety of general game, such as Tsesebe, Oryx, Mountain Reedbuck, Eland, Sable and Springbok. Recently a very successful Sable Breeding Project was started, and this has become very popular with our guests. One is welcome to ask your guide to visit this project whilst on game drive.

Our birdlife is also prolific with +250 species on the reserve, so always keep a look out for your favourite.

Bush Walks

Our bushwalks also last from 1 to 2 hours. Accompanied by a trained field ranger, who explains not only the fauna and flora of our reserve, but also the culture of the local people, and the geology of the area.

Sable Breeding Project

The Sable Breeding project of Hannah Game Lodge started in 1992 with a small herd of Sable that were free roaming on the farm when the farm was purchased. An important member of this herd was the bull, which was consequently named Jack. Hannah Game Lodge named a dam on the reserve after this majestic bull.

By 2004 there were 50 sable free roaming on the farm. However, disaster struck and 22 females died of Thieleriosus, which is caused by red ear ticks. The reason these animals were fragile enough to contract Thieleriosus is because they were in direct grazing competition with other antelopes, and therefore became weak specimens. Sable are not competitive feeders and often will leave an area if there is major competition with other antelope for food.

Around 2007 Hannah Game Lodge started the sable breeding camps to control the ticks with a system called “tick off”. This system sprays the animals according to its weight with deadline (dip), which sterilizes the female tick, so with use over time, it drastically reduces the tick population because there is no more reproduction.

Females normally form herds of 15-30 with the younger males, sometimes joining loose groups at the end of the dry seasons. Female herds have dominant hierarchies among adult cows, older animals are higher ranking. Young males are driven out of the herd by territorial bulls at about 3-4 years old. These younger males will join or form Bachelor herds of less than 10 animals until they are about 5-6 years old when they begin to establish their own territories.

In 2011 Hannah Game Lodge sold all the old females with their offspring and selected only 8 females and one male to remain in the breeding project.

Last year Hannah Game Lodge moved to a more scientific approach by doing DNA tests to determine their true origin of their Sable herds. Our Sable turned out to be Zambian Sable, which is in fact Hippotragus Kirkii and has its origins in Central Angola and Western Zambia.

We discovered that one of our young bulls which were also roaming outside the breeding camp, has the right genetics to be the main breeding bull. Hannah Game Lodge has named him Harley because of the wide spread of his horns. He was moved from the veldt to the camp in October 2013.

Hannah Game Lodge is still doing ongoing DNA testing which will determine what the origins of Harleys mother and the father are.

For the future Hannah Game Lodge wants to intensify the breeding project. We are already busy with a register which contains every animal’s info and picture.

The very passionate Eghardt Nel and Hennie Kruger are responsible for the daily running of the Sable Breeding Project. Hennie has worked with the project from concept, and his animals are like his own children, and Eghardt is the new blood in the project with new ideas and more modern technology.

Hannah Game Lodge offers all its guests a chance to visit the project to view these majestic animals in their natural environment.

High Ropes / Low Ropes

For our conference or team building groups, we offer the following exhilarating adventures: Zip lining, rock climbing, archery, low ropes, high ropes and paintball. Bring your colleagues to test your limits at one of South Africa's largest and most comprehensive team-building facilities. Learn to work together, learn to trust each other, learn to like each other!

Panorama Day Trips

God’s Window, Wonder View,The Pinnacle,The Voortrekker Graveyard,Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Blyde River Canyon,Three Rondawels, MacMac Pools, Blydepoort Dam, Long Tom Pass and Robbers Pass.

There is something amazingly therapeutic about waterfalls, whether large or small or a tall tinkling trickle on a mountain trail, waterfalls fascinate as much as they refresh. For lovers of waterfalls the following are all easily accessible from Hannah Game Lodge as the majority are close to main roads, and range from full rushing falls to single cascades:

Mac Mac Falls, Lone Creek Falls, Montrose Falls, Forest Falls, Elands River Falls, Panorama Falls, Maria Shires Falls, Berlin Falls,Lisbon Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Horse Shoe Falls

Pilgrim’s Rest, Sabie, Hazyview and Graskop are all within close proximity to Hannah Game Lodge and each of these quaint little towns have something special to offer, a visit to Pilgrim’s rest would not be complete unless you allow yourself to partake in the age old tradition of enjoying an ice cold beer on the stoep of the Royal Hotel, Sabie has more than 20 restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, pancake bars, biltong delicatessens and fast food outlets and is in the heart of the South African forestry industry, and is also home to the SAFCOL Forest Industry Museum, Hazyview is a small farming town and is renowned for its banana industry, here many delightful goodies and curios can be bought, and it is also a rather educational visit where one can gain an insight of the many cultures that exist in the area, and last but not least, a visit to Graskop would not be a visit without indulging in a mouthwatering feast of pancakes at the now famous “ Harry’s Pancakes.


About Us

On 28 February 1992, the Kinnear family from Nelspruit in Mpumulanga, comprising of Fred, his wife Hannetjie and daughter Selize, purchased the Farm Luncarty, the family's vision was to develop a reserve in the heart of the African bushveld with conservation as their main inspiration, where both humans and animals could co-habit.

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